Explore the evolution of event amplification and learn about emerging tools

Tool Review: Timeline

We explore a new tool for creating multimedia timelines and consider how this could be used in an amplified event context.

Assessing the Risks: Twitter

What are the risks involved with promoting Twitter use at your event? In this post, we consider the potential pitfalls and the ways you can mitigate against these risks.

Sound is King

High quality audio is one of the top things clients and delegates request in event video coverage, even at smaller events. In this post, we consider how to improve both our sound equipment and techniques.

Goodbye Twapper Keeper

As the Twapper Keeper Twitter archiving tool becomes part of Hootsuite, we explore the options now available to preserve event tweets.

Amplifying Events using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a rich source of predominantly professional networks, so it should provide the perfect platform for more formal events to engage with their communities. In this post, we explore the opportunities and pitfalls associated with using LinkedIn for event amplification.

The Little Things

Reflections on the little things event organisers can do to make amplification easier – inspired by the efforts of the lovely team behind the JISC Research Integrity Conference at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, London.

Thoughts from #UKOLNeim

We explore the role of the event amplifier as a guide and the metaphor of amplification involving scattering seeds in this post reflecting on our experiences at the UKOLN Evidence, Impact and Metrics workshop.


How can event organisers tell stories to help promote their events? In this post we examine some of the easy ways event organisers can get involved with digital storytelling.

How Do We Measure Engagement?

Interpreting the metrics surrounding an amplified event can be tricky, so how do you put all the numbers into perspective to get a clear idea of how people are engaging with your event?

Color and Elastic Networks

How can the new proximity-based photo app Color and the concept of “elastic networks” apply to amplified and hybrid events? We consider how space, proximity and flexibility in social networks might play a role in amplified events.

Where Should The Content Go?

We consider the role of the event blog and where this content should appear for maximum authority and impact within the community. Should it be showcased on the organiser’s website or out in the wild?