Explore the evolution of event amplification and learn about emerging tools

Twitter Analytics for Events

With the release of Twitter Analytics, we look at what it has to offer event amplifiers and whether there are better ways to get useful Twitter metrics.

Mobile Live Video Streaming

Live video streams don’t need to be fixed, heavy duty affairs confined to a main lecture space. Our new mobile live stream rig has been designed to allow more flexible live video stream coverage.

Evidence of Impact

Are small events and workshops worth amplifying? We look at the impact of amplifying a series of small workshops and consider how this has added value over time.

Taking Stock of Video

We ask how the video footage from amplified events can be used more effectively over time to improve return on investment.

Promoting a Live Video Stream

Build it and they will come? We argue that this is no longer the case for event live video streams, and provide practical suggestions to increase viewer numbers.

Storify-ing Events

We explore the evolving ways we have been using Storify to support amplified events and how intelligent use can make this a valuable service in the amplification toolbox.