Explore the evolution of event amplification and learn about emerging tools

How to Amplify a Small Workshop

Small workshops can be valuable spaces for discussion, knowledge sharing and problem solving, but often pass by unnoticed by the wider community. Can event amplification help?

YouTube Live Streaming: Myths, Perks and Perils

Have you considered using the free YouTube live streaming service? Got reservations? In this post, we explore the myths, perks and perils of using YouTube Live Events and how it could make live streaming more economically viable for conference organisers.

Showzee for Events

Showzee is a new visual platform to showcase your talents and interests and connect with likeminded people. But can it be a useful tool for events?

Creating Closed Captions in YouTube

Creating closed captions for event videos is often overlooked or dismissed as too costly. But could YouTube’s closed captioning tools make it easier for event videos to become more accessible and discoverable?

The Perils of Over Branding

Conferences are really important occasions to make sure that your logo is seen by EVERYONE. But is it possible to overboard on the branding? In this post we look at some good and bad practices when branding an amplified event.

The Contextual Event Amplifier

Could an event amplifier personalise your delegates’ event experience by responding to their context? In this post, we consider some very simple steps to improve a delegate’s day, inspired by The Age of Context by Scoble and Israel.

How to Summarise a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats can be extremely useful platforms to exchange ideas, debate issues and pick up new knowledge. But what happens after the chat has ended? We consider how to summarise a Twitter Chat using Storify.

How to Use Google Hangouts on Air at Events

Can Google Hangouts on Air be used effectively at conferences and events? In this post we describe how to use Google Hangouts in an event context and explore some of the potential issues for event organisers.

Tool Review: CrowdMics

Could an app help to amplify audience questions? We review CrowdMics – a smartphone app based microphone system for conferences that aims to do just that.

Tool Review: 4G Hotspots

Can 4G mobile broadband offer reliable back up internet access for event amplifiers? We review our experiences with an EE 4G mobile wifi hotspot.

Twitter Analytics for Events

With the release of Twitter Analytics, we look at what it has to offer event amplifiers and whether there are better ways to get useful Twitter metrics.