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Greening Events and Event Amplification

If you’re an event organiser and want to learn more about event amplification, check out the Event Amplification Toolkit produced by the JISC-funded Greening Events II project.

The toolkit is designed to help event organisers make informed decisions to help reduce the environmental impact of their event. As well as offering frameworks for choosing between traditional, hybrid and virtual events, the toolkit provides detailed guidance on best practice when using online social media tools to amplify your event. It also includes a number of illustrative case studies from amplified and hybrid events.

Download the Greening Events II Event Amplification Toolkit

Open Content, Open Events: Professional Development in an Amplified World

Watch Open Content, Open Events: Professional Development in an Amplified World on Vimeo.

In this presentation, Kirsty Pitkin speaks at Online Information 2011 in the "Broadening Our Horizons: Fresh Insights and Opportunities to Stay Ahead" strand, delivering a conference paper by Brian Kelly from UKOLN.

Slides are available at Slideshare.

Session abstract at Online Information 2011 website.

Recorded at National Hall, Olympia, London on Thursday 1st December 2011.

Amplified Event

An event with an emphasis on spreading key event messages and resources through the online social and professional networks of its participants to generate greater awareness of the event and encourage public online discussion before, during and after the event.

An amplified event can be traditional, hybrid or virtual.

Amplified events are often seen as a transitional step between traditional and hybrid events, as they can provide a platform for traditional event organisers to experiment and become more familiar with online tools, and to establish whether there is an appetite for online participation.

Traditional Event

An event that brings participants together at a fixed time and place.

Hybrid Event

An event that takes place at a fixed time, involving two types of participant: local participants, who physically gather together, and remote participants, who follow online. A hybrid event will offer opportunities for direct interaction in all aspects of the event for both types of participant. There may also be a mixture of local and remote speakers.

Virtual Event

An event that takes place at a fixed time, occurs entirely online and does not represent any physical gathering of participants or speakers.


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