An event amplifier is an audience expander, an experience enhancer and an idea spreader for conferences.


Event Amplifier offers support services for event organisers who want to take their events further.

We use our knowledge of online tools and social networks to create a events that facilitate discussion and resource sharing – enhancing the experiences of delegates and remote participants alike.

Our services include:

- Hybrid and Amplified Event Planning
- Live Twitter Commentary
- Live Video Streaming
- Live Blogging
- Event Reports and Summaries
- Event Archiving

… to name but a few.

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About This Site

This site provides a platform for exploring the issues associated with event amplification, including research into best practice and a showcase of case studies from amplified events.

We welcome contributions from guest authors with experience or expertise in the areas of social media and events. If you have an idea for a post you would like to share with our readers, please contact the editor to discuss this further.


If you are looking for further resources to help determine if event amplification is right for your conference, visit our resources page for more information.